You need to add your colleagues to your company account first before you can give them access to the floating Virtual Surveyor desktop license(s). This article explains how a company administrator can add or remove users on the company account.

Info! Adding and removing users can only be done by the Company Admin or User Admin.


Add a User

  1. Login to My Virtual Surveyor with your Virtual Surveyor ID.

  2. New users are placed under Valley Users and have access to use the free Valley version of Virtual Surveyor.
  3. When you initially create your subscription, typically only one user is available as the Company Admin, indicated by the lock icon.
    Avialble Users
  4. In order to add another user to your company account, click on Invite a user.

  5. A popup appears where you can enter the email address of the colleague you want to add to your company account.

  6. Click Send Invitation.

  7. The invited User appears under the Pending Invitations until they accept the invitation.

  8. The invited User receives a notification at the email address you entered. 
    1. They need to login with their own Virtual Surveyor ID in order to accept the invitation.

  9. You will receive an email notification once your colleague has accepted the invitation and they'll also appear with the Valley Users.

  10. The added User can run the free Valley version of the Virtual Surveyor desktop software.

  11. If you want a User to work with the Ridge or Peak features, you will need to assign them to an active subscription.

Remove a User

  • You can also remove a User from your company account.
    • Click on the Gold X icon next to their identity card.
  • You cannot remove yourself from your company account since you are the Company Admin
    • Contact us if you want to change the Company Admin.