After creating a survey with your drone data, you can export your survey points as a .csv file. When exporting your points from Virtual Surveyor as a .csv file, your coordinates are organized in the PXYZD point file format and include Layer information from the Project View


How to Export a CSV

Make sure that the items you want to export are checked in the Project View and visible in the Viewport

To export a .csv file:

  1. Click on the Export tab.
  2. In the Survey section, select .csv from the dropdown menu under Format.
  3. Click Export Survey.
  4. Name your file and press Enter or click Save.

Your file is exported, and you can now open it in another program.

Exported CSV File Format

Your exported .csv file from Virtual Surveyor includes the following information:

  • Column Headers
  • Coordinates + Point Number, Descriptor, and Layer

Note: The column separators used in your exported .csv are formatted according to your Windows regional settings.

Column Headers

  • Your points are exported in the P, X, Y, Z, D column format.
  • The information is structured into six columns that contain the following headers:
    • P - Point Number
    • X - Easting/Westing coordinate of the point
    • Y - Northing/Southing coordinate of the point
    • Z - Elevation of the point
    • D - Descriptor for points
    • Layer - Point layer

Note: the exported X, Y, and Z coordinates may include up to 6 decimal places.