You have drawn multiple polylines that altogether describes one breakline or road sideline. You want to merge all the polylines into one single polyline. In this case the Merge Polylines function can be useful. 

You find the Merge Polylines button in the TOOLS for Polyline tab where it only appears when at least two polylines are selected. 

Quick Usage Guide

  1. Select all the polylines that you want to merge.
  2. When you have the polylines selected, they appear highlighted, and the TOOLS tab appears.
  3. Go to the TOOLS tab.
  4. In the Transform group, click Merge Polylines.

  1. Now the polylines that you have selected will be merge it in one.

Tips & Tricks

  • The original polyline items are replaced by the new polyline item created in the current layer.
  • To successfully merge two polylines, an end point of one polyline needs to "touch" with the start point of another polyline.