Conveyors often hang over stockpiles and are captured in a DSM or point cloud that is created from drone data. To get an accurate volume measurement, the conveyor needs to be removed from the data first.


The 3 Methods for Removing Conveyors

  1. Use the Remove Object tool.
  2. Use the Replace Terrain tool.
  3. Create a Surface under the conveyor and modify the terrain.

Use the Remove Object and Replace Terrain Tools

When using the Remove Object and Replace Terrian tools, Virtual Surveyor replaces the conveyor with an updated surface. These two methods work best when the conveyor is simple and doesn't connect to larger installations.  

Remove Object Tool

  1. The simplest method is to use the Remove Object tool to erase the conveyor with one click:
  2. Select Remove Object.
  3. Left-click on the conveyor you want to remove.
    1. Give it a second; Virtual Surveyor will remove the object by flattening it to the terrain.
    2. If only part of the conveyor is removed or Virtual Surveyor doesn't recognize the object, try using the Replace Terrain tool.

  4. Right-click to deselect the tool.

Replace Terrain Tool

In certain situations, more control may be necessary for removing a conveyor; you can use the Replace Terrain tool to trace around the conveyor and remove it.

  1. Select the Replace Terrain tool.
  2. Left-click near the surveyor to start tracing around the conveyor.
  3. Continue tracing lines around the conveyor using left-click. 
    1. You may need to rotate the terrain to see around the conveyor. 
    2. You can also use the 2D View mode to trace the conveyor from above.
  4. Once you have completely traced the conveyor within the red boundary area, right-click to finish the traced boundary.
    1. The conveyor is modified to the terrain as soon as you right-click to close the red boundary area.
  5. Right-click again to deselect the tool.

Create a Surface Under the Conveyor and Modify the Terrain

You may need more control when removing a conveyor from a more complex structure on the terrain. To remove a conveyor in a more complex situation, you want to create a Surface under the conveyor and modify the terrain to match it. To do this: 

  1. Select the Boundary tool and trace a boundary around the conveyor.

  2. Create breakpoints with the Densify operation.

  3. Use Edit Vertex in the TOOLS for Boundary tab to delete and edit breakpoints so that the final boundary is closer to the conveyor.

  4. Create the replacement surface with the Triangulate Within option.

  5. Lastly, ensure the surface (TIN) is selected and use Modify Terrain in the TOOLS for Boundary tab to remove the conveyor.