When you are working in a larger corporation and you cannot get Virtual Surveyor to run, it is likely that the security setup of your company is blocking a connection to our online licensing and/or authentication system. You will need to ask your IT department to set permissions for the Virtual Surveyor desktop app to connect to our online systems. 

This article provides some information that you can provide to your colleagues from IT.

The Problem

  • When you can authenticate yourself (sign in) but the connection to the licensing system fails, you get a message as shown below:

    Virtual Surveyor cannot connect to the licensing service

  • When you can't sign in, the connection to the authentication system fails and you will see a message as shown below:

The Solution

In order to solve these issues, you need to whitelist the following URLs in your company's firewall or proxy server

  • *.virtual-surveyor.com
  • virtualsurveyorauth.b2clogin.com


  • Make sure to include the * in the first URL.
  • This configuration is required for all versions of the software, including the trial version and free Valley version.

Proxy Settings

The proxy settings on your computer are automatically detected by the desktop app. Nonetheless, you can still manually configure the detailed settings through our proxy utility.

  1. Go to File.
  2. Click Activate.
  3. Click on Proxy in the lower left corner of the Activate panel.

Http Proxy Settings

When you use http proxy then make sure to leave the Username and Password fields empty:

  • when no credentials are required by the proxy, or
  • when the proxy requires the Windows credentials of the user.

You can fill the Username and Password in all other cases.

Contact your IT support team when you are not sure about which settings you need to apply.