Invoices are automatically emailed to the Company Admin whenever a subscription is created, renewed, or upgraded. In the cases where you cannot find that email, accessing and downloading your current or past invoices and all other billing functionality is handled through the My Virtual Surveyor portal. This article shows you where any paid, due, and unpaid invoices from your subscriptions (active or ended) can be found within My Virtual Surveyor. 

Quick Guide

  • Login to My Virtual Surveyor as the Company Admin.
  • Click on the Invoices menu.
  • A list of all of your invoices is displayed.
  • Click on the Download button to download your invoice.
  • Open your invoice as a PDF file.

Accessing your Invoice(s) in My Virtual Surveyor

Once logged in, you will see the Subscriptions page that displays your current subscriptions and their status, any available identities and where they are assigned, along with the My Virtual Surveyor menu options displayed to the left. 

  1. Click on the Invoices menu to access a list of your invoices and credit notes (if any).

    Note: The Invoices menu lists all of your past, current, and unpaid invoices along with any credit notes (if any). Every invoice shows a current payment status (whether Paid, Unpaid, or Due), an invoice date, invoice number, PO number (if available), total invoice amount, and a link to Download a copy as a PDF.

  2. Find the invoice you'd like to inspect and click on the Download link to download the invoice.

  3. After clicking the download link, your invoice will download and prompt you for a save location (the default download location is in your computer's Downloads folder).
  4. Once downloaded, you can open your invoice using any PDF compatible program (sample invoice below).