The HELP tab contains links to supporting information for Virtual Surveyor. Links include our online videos, Knowledge Base, and our What's New page, featuring the newest additions to Virtual Surveyor.

Help group

Knowledge BaseThe Knowledge Base (the website you are currently on!) opens a web browser to our website that contains all the written information available about Virtual Surveyor. The Knowledge Base is made up of several sections. A Getting Started section to teach you the fundamental basics of virtual surveying. Drone Surveying workflows to help you understand how to transition from traditional surveying to a virtual surveying world. The Toolbox that acts as the repository for all information related to the specifics of tools within Virtual Surveyor. There are also sections for projects, collaboration with team members, geodesy basics, and managing your Virtual Surveyor subscription. 
Ask a QuestionThe Ask a Question button opens a web browser page to our support portal. Use this button to submit a support ticket with any questions you might have. You can also access the chat feature in the lower right corner of the web browser.
VideosThe Videos button takes you to our YouTube channel home page. The Virtual Surveyor YouTube channel contains videos highlighting individual tools, new features, and workflows for using your data in Virtual Surveyor.
What's New?The What's New? button opens a web browser page to our website listing the newest features of Virtual Surveyor by version release. Use this button to keep up to date on new tools and any upcoming ones.
ShortcutsThe Shortcuts button opens to our Keyboard Shortcuts article in the Knowledge Base. This article gives an overview of all the keyboard shortcuts available in Virtual Surveyor.