The Extract Level tool allows you to create a polyline or a boundary at a selected elevation. You can then use this boundary to calculate water retention capacity, clean noisy water surfaces, or identify the volume of a stockpile. The Extract Level tool is available in the Water group of the HOME tab. This article shows you when and where you can use the Extract Level tool to help save time on your work projects.

Quick Usage Guide

  1. Enable the Extract Level button.
  2. Select an elevation level by clicking a location on the terrain.
  3. A boundary or polyline is created at the selected elevation.

Where to Use the Extract Level Tool

  • The Extract Level tool can be used to clean noisy areas like water bodies. In general, the photogrammetry process delivers poor Digital Surface Model (DSM) quality over water. To get a surveying grade result, the noisy part of the rough DSM needs to be flattened.

  • The Extract Level tool can be used to delineate the pond outline in a lightweight CAD model.

  • The Extract Level tool can be used to calculate a basin retention capacity.

Tips and Tricks