To ensure your currently active Virtual Surveyor subscription will automatically renew, simply login to and toggle the AUTO RENEW switch to "On". This enables your account to stay active after the initial month-long service. 

To turn the AUTO RENEW switch "On":

  1. Go to My Virtual Surveyor.
  2. Login with your Virtual Surveyor ID.
  3. Ensure you're on the Subscriptions page.
  4. Toggle the AUTO RENEW switch to the right; it illuminates green when on.
    1. The subscriptions box displays the next date the subscription will automatically renew. 
  5. In the example below, it renews on 20 July 2022.

You can end the automatic renewal any time by following the steps in this article and toggling the AUTO RENEW switch back "Off".

Note: Your month-long service is measured from the day you activate your license, e.g., if your account is activated on the 20th of June, it remains active until the 20th of July.