The Split tool is found in the TOOLS tab when a drawn line or boundary is selected. The Split tool is used to split line and boundary items at selected points to either separate a line or modify a boundary. 


Note: The Split tool pairs well with the To Boundary tool when you need to Update a Boundary.


Quick Usage Guide

  1. In the Viewport, select the line or boundary you wish to separate.
  2. Use the Split tool to split the boundary or line at the desired intersecting points.
  3. Delete the line segment you no longer need.
  4. Create the modified line geometry you wish to add.
    1. Continue to step 5 if you are creating a boundary.
  5. Select both lines and go to the TOOLS tab.
  6. Merge the lines into a single boundary using the To Boundary tool.

Using the Split Tool

  1. The Split tool is available when either a Boundary or Line item is selected.

  2. Select a part of the line you want to split, in this case we are removing the circular portion of the boundary.
  3. Use the Split tool click on two points on the line; for this example, we've selected two points at the neck of the circular boundary.

  4. The line between the two selected points is split from the main boundary.

  5. Right-click to deselect the Split tool.
  6. Left-click on the line you no longer need and press Delete.

  7. The line that is left from the original boundary is now a polyline.

Tips and Tricks

  • See our To Boundary tool article to learn how to connect multiple drawn lines into a single Boundary.
  • You can also see the entire process of using both the Split and To Boundary tools in a workflow for Updating a Boundary