The To Boundary tools is found in the TOOLS tab when drawn lines are selected. The To Boundary tool is used to merge multiple line items into a single boundary item.


Note: The To Boundary Tool pairs well with the Split tool when you need to Update a Boundary.


Quick Usage Guide

  1. In the Viewport, select the lines you wish to merge.
  2. Ensure the endpoints of the lines that you wish to merge overlap or are "snapped" to each other.
  3. Select both lines and go to the TOOLS tab. 
  4. Merge the lines into a boundary using the To Boundary tool.

Using the To Boundary Tool

  1. The To Boundary tool only works when multiple line items—that are touching at the end points—are selected.

  2. Select the Polyline tool to start your drawing. 
  3. Left-click on the end point of an already drawn line (a purple circle appears showing that you will "snap" to that point).

  4. Draw a line around the area of where you want your boundary to be.
  5. Finish your drawn line at the other end point of another drawn line (again, a purple circle appears to "snap" to that point).

  6. Select both drawn lines (hold Ctrl and left-click on both drawn items) and go to the TOOLS tab.
  7. Click To Boundary.

  8. The lines are merged together and create a single boundary item.

Tips and Tricks

  • See our Split tool article to learn how to separate the boundary for further additions or changes.
  • You can also see the entire process of using both the To Boundary and Split tools in a workflow for Updating a Boundary