If you are currently are running a year or longer subscription, but have a short term need for another subscription, you can easily add a 1 month license alongside your currently running license. Here at Virtual Surveyor, we keep plans flexible so you aren't paying for licenses that aren't getting used; you only pay for what you need!

Note: This option mainly benefits you if you need more than one person working in Virtual Surveyor at the same time. If you don't need to be simultaneously working in Virtual Surveyor, you can always add a user to your year long subscription and have them use the available license with our floating license capability.


In the image below you can see one Subscription plan with an annual Ridge license. We want to add a Peak plan with 1 available license for just one month. 


Set Up a Monthly Subscription Plan

  1. Log in to My.Virtual-Surveyor.com
  2. Once you are logged in, ensure you are on the Subscriptions page and you should see your annual subscription plan. 
  3. Click on Add a subscription and follow the purchase subscription wizard prompts to add a monthly subscription.

    Note: In any one of the next three tabs (Plan Settings, Billing Information, and Payment Method), you can add a PO number to your order to use in your company's invoicing. The PO number is added for your convenience, and you do not need to share it with us as we do not to keep track of your PO number(s).

  4. After setting up the monthly Peak license plan, you should now be back on the Subscriptions page and see both purchased licenses. You can now add another user and assign them to whatever plan you want them to actively work from.