In the event that you are having trouble getting your credit card to charge when purchasing Virtual Surveyor, there are 2 main reasons your card may not be accepted:

  1. Virtual Surveyor is a company based out of Belgium and it is common for financial institutions to block credit card transactions made with foreign companies.

    Solution: Contact your bank through phone, web-portal, or in person and ask them to allow payment to Virtual Surveyor nv as a foreign/international transaction.
  2. Many financial institutions have instituted additional security features for web purchases that many people may not be accustomed to. These additional security features will block the transaction unless you follow specific directions.

    SolutionsYou need to enable popups on our website as any security for a transaction will come up as a popup notification. You will also need to follow the directions to continue with your purchase. These typically include verification by the following, but are not limited to: 
    1. Entering a code provided by the bank.
    2. Authenticating a purchase through an App.
    3. Authenticating a purchase by calling a phone number.

Please understand that we have no control over these extra security features implemented by financial institutions and can only offer informational assistance. For security purposes, we also cannot process credit card purchases over the phone or email; all credit card transactions must be through the portal.

 Other Alternative Solutions

  • Use a different credit card.
  • Make your purchase through an authorized reseller.
  • Become an invoiced account and pay by Paypal or by wiring funds from your financial institution. 
    • Contact your relation manager directly or contact support to request becoming an invoiced account.