Our Valley license gives free access to our software. Reasons you might assign an additional user to Valley is so you don't take up an actively used Ridge or Peak license, but still allow the user to view or do basic editing to projects. Or your subscription period for a Ridge or Peak license has expired and you want to still have access to your projects.

Regardless of why you are assigning someone as a Valley User, the process is very simple and there are two methods for assigning users a Valley license:

  1. Login to my.virtual-surveyor.com.
    1. Under Subscriptions, locate the user you'd like to move to Valley and click the Unassign user symbol (the golden minus icon) next to their name; they are automatically  assigned as a Valley User.


    2. Drag and Drop the user you want to assign as a Valley user, from a Subscriptions license to a Valley Users license.