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Valley Mountain Peak

You have imported an existing surface and want to create a new surface within the exact extents of the imported surface. Or you have mistakenly drawn a polyline while you wanted a boundary. In these cases, the Extract Boundary function will be useful.

Quick Guide

  1. Select your boundary or polyline.
  2. Go to the DRAWING TOOLS tab.
  3. Click Extract Boundary in the Create group.
  4. Your boundary will be created.

Note: The boundary will be a newly created item and the original item will remain unchanged.

How does it work? 

The extract boundary function works in the following way:

Special cases

  • Self-intersecting boundaries will not be created and you will get a warning.
  • Extract Boundary only works on a single item. You can combine multiple polylines to a single polyline by using the Merge Polylines function which is available in the Drawing Tools tab.