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Valley Ridge Peak

A cut/fill map over your entire construction site typically gives you a single volume measurement. If you want to analyze a specific cut or fill area coming from a Cut/Fill item, the Extract Cut/Fill Area tool can help you. It allows you to break down a single cut/fill map in its components. The results is a new Cut/Fill item that contains a specific cut or fill area and the related volume calculation. The Extract Cut/Fill Area tool only works on the selected Cut/Fill item and appears in the TOOLS tab.

Quick usage guide

  1. Select the Cut/Fill item within the viewport or through the project view.
  2. Go to the TOOLS tab.
  3. Click Extract Cut/Fill Area in the Volumes group.
  4. Within the viewport, click the cut or fill area you want to isolate.
  5. A new Cut/Fill item containing only the selected cut or fill area is created and available in the project view.


  • The Extract Cut/Fill Area tool allows you to display specific cut or fill areas and determine quantities related to these areas. It will help you to provide more detailed cut/fill reports.

  • The Extract Cut/Fill Area tool may also be used to optimize your hauling and your communication with haul truck drivers. By highlighting fill areas, you can easily identify areas where dirt coming from cut areas has to be dropped. 

Tips and tricks

  • When the Extract Cut/Fill Area tool is activated you can isolate multiple area by clicking on areas one after the other.