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Valley Mountain Peak

Navigating around is very easy with your mouse. This articles explains the different navigation modes and what mouse buttons you need to control them.

Quick guide

You can navigate around in several ways:

  • panning
  • zooming
  • rotating


  • You need the left button of your mouse.
  • Mouse your cursor over the viewport, click the button and move your mouse to any direction.
  • The terrain will follow your mouse cursor. You drag it along.


  • You need the scroll wheel.
  • Move your cursor over the viewport and scroll the wheel.
  • Scroll forward to zoom in.
  • Scroll backward to zoom out.


  • You need the scroll wheel.
  • Mouse your cursor over the viewport and click the wheel.
  • Move your mouse up or down to change the view angle (tilt).
  • Move your mouse left or right to change the direction towards north (azimuth).

Watch the video


  • This video was produced with Virtual Surveyor 5.
  • The shown presentation tools are depreciated since Virtual Surveyor 6. Read the following article on how to create a movie.