The View tab contains tools that allow you to change perspectives on your data in the viewport, and also enable or disable menus for other functionality. These include tools to orient yourself, changed viewing modes between 2D & 3D, create Fly Throughs, and even move underneath your data. The Material Editor can also be enabled to setup stockpile information.

View Mode group

3DEnables 3D view mode. This is the default View mode for Virtual Surveyor. Your data will be viewed in a full 3D environment where you can rotate your view in any angle or direction. Project items will be in their true 3D position, and can be underneath the Elevation Terrain as well. 
2DEnables 2D mode. 2D mode locks the view to top down, and the Image Terrain will be shown as a true orthomosaic. Any Project items will be shown in their true 2D position, and cannot be obscured by the elevation terrain, even if their 3D position is below the terrain.

Position group

OverviewReturns the Viewport to the default view (Top down facing northward).
HomeReturn to or set Home view location.
NorthOrients your view northward.
CreateCreates a Location item used in Fly Throughs.

Result: Location

Flight group

Fly ThroughAllows you to set a Fly Through view of the scene from the created Location items.
SpeedThe speed at which your Fly Through will move from location item to location item.
LoopWill restart a Fly Through from the first location item when checked and using Fly Through.
PatternMoves the view in a circular or linear pattern starting from the center of your Viewport.

Mode group

Under TerrainEnables you to navigate or go under the Elevation terrain.

View group

Profile ViewEnables the profile view. Used to get a vertical section of your elevation terrain along a line.
Material EditorEnables the Material Editor workspace. Used for defining stockpiles.

Screen Overlay group

CompassEnables the compass in the Viewport.