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Having control over an item number can be important in many cases. The most common example is when you are working with volume piles and need to assign a specific number to each pile or remove numbers from items if desired.

Note: Virtual Surveyor allows duplicates numbers.

Renumber a single item

  1. Select the survey item to be renumbered. 
  2. The item may be selected in the project view or the viewport
  3. From the HOME Tab, set the desired number in the Structure group - Next Number (location A).
  4. Click the Apply Numbering to Selection Icon (location B)


In the example below, I want to renumber Coarse Gravel #4 to #2.

After clicking the Apply Numbering to Selection Icon, the project view is immediately updated.  In order to update the annotation in the viewport, I must toggle the Name option on and off in the Annotate Group of the DRAWING TOOLS menu tab. (red arrow).

Renumber multiple items

  1. Select the items you want to renumber,
  2. Set your beginning number for the renumbering sequence.
  3. Click the Apply Numbering to Selection Icon.
  4. Your items will be renumbered using the number selected to begin the sequence.


In our example below, I need to import points 1-10 into my CAD package, but points 1-10 already exist in the CAD database and I do not want to overwrite the existing points. I have decided to renumber beginning with 100. First, I select the points and then I set the Next Number to 100 by typing the value in the box.

After pressing the Apply Numbering to Selection Icon the points are renumbered starting at #100 as shown below.

Remove numbering

There may be times when you want to remove the numbering from items.

  1. Select the item(s) that you want to remove the numbers for.
  2. Deselect the checkbox to the right of Next Number.
  3. Click the Apply Numbering to Selection Icon.
  4. The number for the selected items will be removed.


In the example below I wanted to label my piles without numbers, just labels. I select the piles, I toggle the Next Number Box off, and Click the Apply Numbering to Selection Icon.

Then, I toggle the Name on and off in the Annotate group from the DRAWING TOOLS tab, and my piles are labeled without numbers as shown below.

Turn off numbering

If you don't want that newly created items carry a number, then simply deselect the checkbox next to the Next Number box in the Structure group.

Adding numbers to point grids

All of the point grid tools do not automatically number the points that are created. Selecting the points and using the the processes explained above makes adding numbers easy.