The Project View helps you structure your project in layers and controls the visibility of your project items. Layers and Project Items are sorted alphabetically, and their names can be changed. 


Structure Your Project

A right-click in the Project View provides you access to various contextual menus that help you maintain and build the project structure. The menu depends on where you click.

Right-click in the Project View areaAdd LayerCreates a new layer. Enter a name and press Enter or click anywhere to complete.
Delete Empty LayersRemoves all layers that do not contain project items. This feature is useful when importing large CAD files containing many (empty) layers.
Right-click on a LayerSet Layer ActiveSelects a layer. New project items are created in the active layer.
Rename LayerChanges the name of the layer. Press Enter or click anywhere to finish.
PastePaste a copied project item to the layer. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl+Z for this operation.
Delete LayerRemoves the layer. It also deletes the project items contained in the layer.
Right-click on a Project ItemRenameChanges the name of the project item. Press Enter or click anywhere to complete.
Move to layerTransfers project items to the layer selected in the drop-down menu. You can also use drag-and-drop to move items.
CutCuts the project item to the clipboard. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl+X on a selection.
CopyCopies the project item to the clipboard. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl+C as an alternative method.
DeleteRemoves the project item. Use Ctrl+Z to undo if you accidentally delete a project item.

Visibility of Project Items

You can control the visibility of a Project Item through its check box. 

  • When ticking or unticking a layer, all items in the layer are turned on or off.
  • When you untick a layer, project items are not visible in the Viewport. 
    • Invisible items are not included when you export the survey to a CAD file, generate a PDF stockpile report, or perform other operations.

Show/HideControls the visibility of project items in the Viewport. You can control the visibility of all project items in a layer through the checkbox of the layer.

Turn All Off/OnHide or show all project items. Only appears when no project items are selected.

Turn Selection Off/OnHide or show the selected project items. Only appears when project items are selected.

Collapse Layers

You can collapse layers to get a better overview of your layer structure while you can expand layers to get access to the individual project items.

Expand/Collapse LayerClick to expand or collapse the contents of the layer.

Collapse AllCollapses all expanded layers in a single click.


Click on an item or a layer to select it. 

  • Selecting a layer selects all items in that particular layer. 
  • You can also hold Ctrl to select multiple items or hold Shift to select a range. 
  • When you have multiple project items selected, you can rename them all at once or provide them with a sequential number through the Structure group in the Home tab.

Empty Layers

Empty layers are hidden by default. 

  • Use Show Empty to display all available layers in your project. 
  • You can use the Hide Empty to automatically hide the layers again that don't contain any project items. 
  • You can also delete all empty layers at once through a right-click in the Project View.

Tips and Tricks

  • Double-click on an item to fly to its location in the Viewport.
  • You can avoid having to create the same layers for every new project by working with Project Templates.
  • The layer structure of your project is the same for all your Terrain States.