In the left side of the application, you find the project view. The project view is a project items manager that can be structured with layers. It gives you access to all your project data even when they are not visible in the viewport.

A right mouse click in that section gives you access to various contextual menus depending where you click. Those contextual menus help you to maintain the projects structure.  

Terrain State

Click on the arrow next to the current terrain state name/date to access those features.

Add Terrain StatePlus button next to the text box in the terrain state drop down menu. Enter a name or a date and click that button to create a new terrain state.
Rename Terrain StateEdit Button next to the terrain state name. Enable the terrain state name editing.  After entering a new name or date press Enter to complete.
Remove Terrain StateCross button next to the terrain state name. Erase the terrain state from the project.
Switch Terrain StateSelect a name/date in the drop down menu to change the current terrain state.
Note : Terrain state features are only available in the Peak plan.


Enable/Disable LayerCheckbox on the left of the layer name to show or hide all the project items hold in the layer within the viewport.
Expand/Collapse LayerThe arrow next to the layer can be clicked to expand or collapse its contents.

Collapse AllCloses all layer breakdowns 

Show EmptyMakes the empty layers appear in the project view. By default, layers which does not contain a project item are hidden.  

Turn All/Selection Off/OnDisables or enables all or the selected layers. "All" is only available when no project item is selected.

Project item

Enable/Disable project itemCheckbox on the left of the project item name to show or hide the project item within the viewport.
Pin to all terrain statesMakes the project item available in all the terrain states. Pin button only appears when you drag the cursor on a project item. Only Peak users can use that feature.

Contextual menus

Right mouse click in the project view areaAdd LayerCreates a new layer. Enter a name and press Enter or click anywhere to complete. 
Delete Empty LayersClears all the layers which does not contain a project item. This feature is useful when importing large CAD file holding a lot of layers.

Right mouse click on a layer nameSet Layer ActiveEnables a layer. All following project items belongs to that layer. 
Rename LayerOpens the layer name editor. Press Enter or click anywhere to finish.
PasteMoves a copied project item to that layer.
Delete LayerClears the layer. It also deletes the project items contained into the layer.

Right mouse click on a project itemRenameOpens the project item name editor. Press Enter or click anywhere to complete.
CutCopies and deletes the project item. 
CopyCopies the project item into the clipboard.
DeleteClears the project item.