A fly through is a virtual flight over your terrains while passing through a number of positions that you have set. Fly throughs are used to guide your customers through the project in a controlled way. They can also be used to generate videos which you can use to present and promote your work.

Quick guide

  1. Go to the VIEW tab.
  2. Define the waypoints of your flight with the Create tool.
  3. Set the start position and flight settings.
  4. Click on Fly Through to start your fly.


  • Navigate to the position in the viewport using your mouse.
  • In the NAVIGATION tab, click Create.
  • A position is created in the project view.
  • Double-clicking the position in the project view, brings you back to the set position in the viewport.

Start position

  • Before starting the fly through, select a start position in the project view.
  • Left-click on the the position to select it.
  • The descriptor of the start position will determine the other positions that are used in the fly through.

Start the Fly through

  • Click Fly Through to start the flight.
  • The flight pattern starts on the start position.
  • Then it goes to a position with the same descriptor and with the next available incremental number in a continuous movement.
  • In the example below the pattern:
    • Starts in Position #1, 
    • Then goes to Position #2, and 
    • Then to Position #4. 
    • The position Way point #1 will be ignored because it carries a different descriptor.

Tools settings


  • You can control the speed of your flight.
  • The minimum speed is 10 km/h or 10 mph.
  • If you update the speed during the flight, the change takes effect immediately.


  • When you enable loop, your flight returns to the start position when the last position is reached and the pattern is repeated until you stop it.
  • This is a useful functionality during a tradeshow.

Stopping the fly through

  • Left-click anywhere on the viewport in order to stop the fly through.

Usage : creating a video

  • If you want to record a video from your fly through then I would recommend that you use a screen recording software while your flight is playing.
  • A good and affordable solution is Camtasia
  • Note that all our tutorial videos are made with Camtasia.