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Boundaries are an important project item within Virtual Surveyor as they allow you to select areas in which you wish to run operations or select items. Many times a boundary needs to be updated due to different project requirements over time, or changes to project scope. Boundaries can be updated within Virtual Surveyor through a workflow of removing and replacing segments of the original boundary. 

This tutorial will demonstrate the workflow to updating your boundary utilizing the Split and Merge Polylines tools.

Quick Guide

  • Display the original boundary you wish to modify in the viewport
  • Optionally, copy and paste the boundary using CTRL-C (copy) and CTRL-V (paste) shortcuts
  • Utilize the Split tool to split the boundary at the desired intersecting points for the new boundary
  • Delete the unused line segment 
  • Create the modified line geometry you wish to add 
  • Select both lines, and merge them using the Merge Polylines tool
  • Convert the new closed polyline to a boundary using the Extract Boundary tool


This typical stockyard is surveyed once a quarter by the local surveyor. The company has requested the unused portion of the stocks be surveyed as well for this quarter. 

Shown border (in blue) is the standard boundary, the small yard to the North West is the area to be added.


The first step is to create a copy of your boundary to edit so you are not modifying the original. 

  • You can copy and paste your original boundary by having the item selected and using the shortcuts CTRL-C (copy) and then CTRL-V (paste). 
  • A second identical item will now show in your project view. 
  • Turn off, or remove the original. 

You can now start editing your boundary by using the Split tool within the Drawing Tools tab that displays when your boundary is selected.

  • Clicking the Split tool will enable the split mode and your cursor will change to a set of scissors. 
  • When you hover over the selected boundary, a red circle will appear. 
  • Clicking that location will convert the boundary item to a line item with 2 vertices on the split location (red point in the image below). 
  • Continue to split the line at an additional location. 
  • Clicking Split again will leave the split mode and returns the default cursor.

After clicking your split points, you will have 2 lines that together cover exactly the same geometry of the original boundary (split line to be deleted colored in red below). Delete the line segment that you don't need anymore.

Digitize a new line around the perimeter of the area to be added to the existing boundary polygon. The snapping function allows you to create new lines exactly on the start and end point of the split boundary. The purple circle indicates you are within snapping distance of another vertex.

Select both the original boundary line item and the line item for the new area boundary in the project view. Once selected the Drawing Tools tab will display and you can access the Merge Polylines tool to join both lines. Once both items are merged into a single line you can use the Extract Boundary tool from the same menu to convert the closed line to a boundary again.

Your new updated boundary will now show as a boundary item in the project view.