The Section Lines tool is a road modeling tool inspired by traditional road surveying techniques. This tool drops polylines along an axis with one click. The lines can be used to generate a lightweight CAD model of the road. 

The Section Lines tool only works on the selected polyline(s) or profile(s) and appears in the TOOLS for Polyline tab and the TOOLS for Profile(s) tab.  

Quick Usage Guide

  1. Select the polyline or the profile.
  2. Go to the TOOLS tab. 
  3. Set the appropriate Along and Across values in the boxes available in the Create group.
  4. Click on the Section Lines button (found in the same group).
  5. Section lines are drawn along the axis and grouped in a new layer in the Project View

Tool Settings

Set the appropriate Along and Across values before launching the section lines creation process.

The Along value represents the spacing between two successive section lines along the axis. Determine this value on the basis of your survey requirements and the road topography. In addition to section lines determined by the Along value, other section lines are also drawn at the vertices of the center line. 

The Across value represents the length of the created section lines. In other words, it is the width of your survey. To easily determine this value, measure the distance—using measurement tools from the ANALYSIS tab—between the center line and the boundary of the area to be surveyed (end of pavement, drain ditch, etc.). Double this distance and use it as your Across value.

Example of Where to Use the Section Lines Tool 

  • The Section lines tool is a part of the Virtual Surveyor toolbox for road surveying. 

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