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Valley Ridge Peak

The Remove Triangles tool is a surface item editing tool. It helps you removing unwanted or unneeded triangles.

The Remove Triangles tool only works on the selected surface and appears in the SELECTION TOOLS tab.

Quick Guide

  1. Select a surface item.
  2. Go to the SELECTION TOOLS tab.
  3. Enable Remove Triangles mode.
  4. Click on the triangles edges to delete them.
  5. Right click to end Remove Triangles mode.


  • Removing triangles over areas where you don't want information. For example, you don't need elevation information and contour lines over water bodies. 
  • When your survey items has a concave shape, triangulate this area leads to unwanted extrapolation on the edges. Those large triangles linking far away survey items are meaningless as they do not follow the elevation terrain. They have to be removed manually thank to the Remove Triangles tool to provide survey grade surface model.

Tip and Tricks

  • You can remove multiple triangles by holding the SHIFT button and dragging a box across the area you want triangles removed.
  • The Remove Triangles tool only works on one surface item at a time. If several surface items are selected, the button does not show up in the TOOLS tab.
  • Use the Clip Inside and Clip Outside tools to remove a large area from your created surface.