When a  Surface is selected the SELECTION - TOOLS menu will be available. The SELECTION - TOOLS menu contains tools that allow you to edit, change styling, annotate, or perform advanced functions on your Surface. There are also tools for volumetric work and to modify your Elevation terrain.

Surface selection

Styling group

TINAllows you to change the Surface TIN line color. 
ThicknessAllows you to change the Surface TIN line thickness.
Show / Hide TINTurns on and off displaying the selected Surface item as a TIN. If used and the surface is not currently displaying Contours, the Show Contours styling will automatically be applied.
ContoursAllows you to change the Surface Contours line color.
IntervalAllows you to adjust the Contour Surface interval spacing.
Show / Hide ContoursTurns on and off displaying the selected Surface as contours. If used and the surface is not currently displaying a TIN, the Show TIN styling will automatically be applied.

Annotate group

NameSurface Descriptor & Number displayed over the Surface in the Viewport.
ElevationN/A (Only available for usage with Point items).
VolumeN/A (Only available for usage with Volume items).
LabelAllows you to change the Surface Label color.
SizeAllows you to change the Surface Label size.

Edit group

Remove TrianglesEnables Remove Triangles mode for selected Boundary. Remove Triangles mode allows your to edit your TIN directly by removing individual TIN segments from your Surface. While in Remove Triangles mode TIN segments will highlight as red when you move your mouse cursor over them. When highlighted in red, left-mouse click and the TIN segment will be removed.

TIN segments can also be removed in bulk by holding the SHIFT button and holding a left-mouse click while dragging your cursor in the Viewport. Any TIN segment within the selection box will be removed.
Clip InsideClip Inside allows you to create "donuts", or areas of no TIN segments within your Surface item. Displaying the Surface as contours would then also have a area devoid of contours. This tool is only available for use when both a Surface item and overlapping Boundary are both selected. Your selected Boundary will be the cutout area, and any TIN segments within it will be removed from the surface. (This is a Peak only function).

Create group

Extract BoundaryCreates a Boundary items along the outside and inner edges of your Surface.

Result: Boundary
Extract PointsCreates Point items at the TIN intersections for your Surface.

Result: Point(s)

Volumes group

Calculate VolumeCalculates the volume cut and fill of an area or surface feature. The Calculate Volume tool compares Surface item and Surface terrain elevation differences to calculate volume over an area.

When used the tool will create a Volume item. The Volume item is exportable and also holds information about the Volume, such as the Cut, Fill, and Net Volume. A visual representation of the Cut and Fill is also displayed in the Viewport, with brighter colors representing Cuts, and blue colors representing fills.

Result: Volume

Terrain group

Modify TerrainChanges the Surface Terrain by "molding" it along the TIN surface. This tool can be used to create or remove surfaces. For instance, you can take a vegetated hillside and "remove" the vegetation by using a surveyed surface. Conversely, you can create a surface by modeling a proposed haul road as a TIN, and then raising your Surface Terrain to the TIN.

Result: Terrain Modifier