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Valley Ridge Peak

Virtual Surveyor includes a productivity tool that allows you to speed up breakline creation. Guided Breakline can be used with Polyline, Boundary or Quick Surface tools. It is very helpful in open pit mines when modeling high walls or edges of haul roads. Stockpile reference surfaces can also be easily created for usage in quantity calculations. 

The Guided Breakline Tool is a drawing option in the Line Drawing Mode of the dialog box that displays when a Polyline, Boundary or the Quick Surface tool is in use.

Quick guide

  1. Enable a drawing tool (Polyline, Boundary or Quick Surface) in the HOME tab.
  2. Select Guided Breakline as the line drawing mode.
  3. Click the starting point of the line.
  4. Click a second point on the break to give indication about the direction to follow and the length of the segments that will be created.
  5. The following vertices are automatically placed along the topography.
  6. When the automatic drawing stops:
    • Give additional input to continue the line drawing. 
    • Switch to Free drawing mode.
    • Right click to complete the drawing.


  • The Guided Breakline Tool can be used to draw typical lines that you want to create on mine surveys such as: haul road edges, bank edges, or high walls edges.

  • The Guided Breakline Tool can be used to digitize the bottom edge of stockpiles. This boundary can then be triangulated and used as your surface reference in a volume calculation.

Tips & tricks

  • If the drawing stops you can relaunch the Guided Breakline Tool by clicking next vertex on the line.
  • When the drawing stops, you can remove the last vertices by pressing Backspace on your keyboard.
  • When the drawing stops, you can manually add next vertices by holding Ctrl on your keyboard and clicking the points.
  • Disable the Guided Breakline Tool by selecting another line drawing mode.
  • To easily identify slope changes where you want to draw breaklines, enable the Slope Steepness Terrain Lens or disable the Image Terrain.
  • Keyboard shortcut : the Guided Breakline Tool can be enabled by pressing B.

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