Applicable plans
Valley Ridge Peak

Virtual Surveyor includes a tool to modify the elevation terrain according to a TIN Surface. It is helpful to clean a noisy part of your drone data like a water surface. You can also use Modify Terrain to integrate existing 3D information into your drone survey.

Modify Terrain is available in the TOOLS tab when at least one surface item is selected.

Quick guide

  1. Select a surface item.
  2. Go to the TOOLS tab and click on Modify Terrain.
  3. A Terrain Modifier is created and the elevation terrain is adjusted to the Surface.


Tips and Tricks

  • Modifying the terrain is reversible. When you click on Modify Terrain the original elevation terrain is not modified. Instead of that, Virtual Surveyor creates a terrain modifier item. If you disable that item in the project view, the elevation terrain gets back to its initial state.
  • You can select more than one surface at a time and then launch Modify Terrain. One Terrain Modifier is created for each surface.