Applicable plans
Valley Ridge Peak

Virtual Surveyor includes a tool which uses TIN surface to change the elevation terrain. This tool is helpful to clean a noisy part of your drone data like a water surface. You can also use Modify Terrain to incorporate existing 3D data into your drone survey.

Modify Terrain is available in the SELECTION - TOOLS tab when at least one surface item is selected.

Quick guide

  1. Select a surface item.
  2. Go to the SELECTION - TOOLS tab and click on Modify Terrain.
  3. A Terrain Modifier is created and the elevation terrain is adjusted to the surface.


  • You can use Modify Terrain to flat noisy water surface.

  • Using Modify Terrain allows you to model a complex surface (e.g., with breaklines) underneath the large unwanted objects in your drone survey.

Tips and Tricks

  • It is possible to go back to the original elevation after modifying the terrain. When you click Modify Terrain, Virtual Surveyor creates a terrain modifier item. If you disable that item in the project view, the elevation terrain gets back to its initial state.
  • Terrain modifier are highlighted in the viewport when selected in the project view.
  • Modify Terrain can be done with multiple surfaces at once. Select all the surfaces and click Modify Terrain. One Terrain Modifier is created for each surface.
  • You can also use Replace Terrain and Remove Object to flat a small area of your drone survey.