Virtual Surveyor's cloud licensing is completely floating. You only need to consider how many users in your company need the software at the same time .

This means that any person from your company that is assigned to the subscription will be able to access the Virtual Surveyor software when a user is a available.


You have purchased 2 users for your subscription. The users Jake, Jesse and Jane Doe are assigned to this subscription. Only 2 of them will be able to work at the same time. John Doe is not assigned to this subscription but will be able to work on the free Valley version.

In the example below, Jake Doe is connected as the 1st user and is currently working (shows ACTIVE). Jane Doe or Jesse Doe can connect as the 2nd user (whoever comes first). As soon as Jake closes the application, the user becomes available again for another person.

Setting it up

The floating functionality is not activated automatically. Reach out here so that we can set this up for you. Make sure to specify your company's email domain. You can only add users which email address match this domain. Email domains that are not linked to your company will not be allowed (e.g.,, ...)

Adding users

Adding and removing team members from your subscriptions needs to be done manually in the My Virtual Surveyor portal by the owner of the account.

Creating a team

Do you work in a team? Read more here on how to Invite a team members

Your team changes in size? You can increase the number of users immediately or decrease the number of users at the end of the current subscription term. Read more here on how to change your subscription.