Large earthwork sites are not easy to monitor on a regular basis. With Virtual Surveyor you can easily create the items which make up a user-friendly progress report. In a few steps, you can create a Cut/Fill map and some profiles to illustrate a Cut/Fill calculation table. 

This article guides you step-by-step to create a nice earthwork progress report. Sharing this report with all the project stakeholders will definitely enhance the communication and the understanding of the construction site progress.


  1. Generate the Cut/Fill analysis.
  2. Copy Viewport.
  3. Export Cut/Fill calculation.
  4. Copy Profiles.
  5. Layout  the report.

Cut/Fill analysis

Use Virtual Surveyor to create a Cut/Fill map on your drone data. Then complete the analysis with a few profiles

Copy Viewport

In the viewport, place the camera as wanted for the shot and copy the viewport to the clipboard. You can then paste the viewport screenshot in your report editor software. 

Export Cut/Fill calculation

Display the Cut/Fill areas. Use the Export Cut/Fill button available in the EXPORT tab to save those calculations to a .csv spreadsheet. You can then open and edit that spreadsheet in Notepad, Excel... 

Copy Profiles

Set the wanted profile in the profile view and copy the profile to the clipboard. You can then paste the profile screenshot in your report editor software. Repeat this operation for each profiles.

Layout the report

Arrange the images and the Cut/Fill table in a word processing or presentation software like Word or PowerPoint.

You can download this PDF report as an example below.