The Export tab contains all of the functions available for exporting your data from Virtual Surveyor to common formats that can be used in other software. Exporting data is broken into data types, with vector items (Points, Polylines, & Boundaries) being part of the Survey, Volumes in Volumes, and Terrains (Image terrain( Orthophotos) & Elevation terrain) being in the Terrain.

Survey group

Export SurveyExports your currently enabled survey items (Point, Polyline, Boundary , Surface [TIN & Contours]) to a designated format.

Result: Drawing Exchange Format (.dxf) / Land XML (.xml) / Shapefile (.shp) / Comma Separated Values (.csv) 

Volume group

Export VolumeExport your Volume(s) information to designated format.

Result: Shapefile (.shp) or Comma Separated Values (.csv)

Terrain group

Export ImageExport your Image terrain (Orthomosaic) to designated format.

Result: GeoTIFF (.tif) or JPEG2000 (.jp2)
Export ElevationExport your Elevation terrain to GeoTIFF format.

Result: GeoTIFF (.tif)