Spoiler alert! KML export will be available in the next Virtual Surveyor release (November '21).

The Export tab contains all of the functions available for exporting your data from Virtual Surveyor to common formats that can be used in other software.  Exporting data is grouped by data types: survey items (Points, Polylines & Boundaries), Stockpiles, Cut/Fill, Terrains (Image terrain & Elevation terrain) and Viewport.

Survey group

Export SurveyExports your survey items (Point, Polyline, Boundary, Surface [TIN & Contours]) to a designated format.

Result: Drawing Exchange Format (.dxf) / Land XML (.xml) / Shapefile (.shp) / Comma Separated Values (.csv) / Keyhole Markup Language (.kml)
Check PointsPerforms a quality check on drone data. Accuracy report can be exported along with the check point accuracy list.

Result: Text (.txt) and Comma Separated Values (.csv)

Stockpile group

PDF ReportGenerates a Stockpile(s) report. Decide if you want to omit the Material Table, the Pile Table and/or the Pile Details in the report by unchecking the boxes.

Result: Portable Document Format (.pdf)
Export StockpilesExports your Stockpile(s) information to designated format.

Result: Shapefile (.shp) or Comma Separated Values (.csv)

Cut/Fill group

Export Cut/FillExports your Cut/Fill(s) information to designated format.

Result: Shapefile (.shp) or Comma Separated Values (.csv)

Terrain group

Export ImageExports your Image terrain (Orthomosaic) to designated format.

Result: GeoTIFF (.tif) or JPEG2000 (.jp2)
Export ElevationExports your Elevation terrain to GeoTIFF format.

Result: GeoTIFF (.tif)

Viewport group

Copy ViewportCopies a screenshot of the viewport to the clipboard or saves the screenshot as an image.

Result: Image (.jpg) or clipboard item