Having control over an item number is important when labeling survey items. In Virtual Surveyor, there are two ways to manage item numbering. You can use the layer numbering editor available in the Structure group of the HOME tab or you can right-click the desired item in the Project View to open the numbering editor through the contextual menu.

Structure Group Editor

Project View Editor

Info!  You can also change the name associated to the survey items and the layer they are in. 


Renumber Survey Items

Renumber a Single Item

  1. Right-click on the item to be renumbered in the Project View.
  2. Select Rename.
  3. Set the desired number in the text box.
  4. Press Enter to complete.

Renumber Multiple Items in a Sequence

  1. Select the items you want to renumber.
  2. Set your beginning number for the renumbering sequence.
  3. Click the Apply Numbering to Selection Icon.
  4. Your items are renumbered using the number you selected to begin the sequence.

Remove Numbering

Remove Numbering from a Single Item

  1. Right-click on the project item to rename.
  2. Select Rename.
  3. Delete the number from the # text box.
  4. Press Enter or click anywhere to complete.

Remove Numbering from Multiple Items

  1. Select the item(s) that you want to remove the numbers from.
  2. Deselect the checkbox to the right of Next Number.
  3. Click the Apply Numbering to Selection Icon.
  4. The number for the selected items is removed.

Examples of Renumbering Survey Items

  • The most common example is when you are working with volume piles and need to assign a specific number to each pile or remove numbers from the items.
  • You can also use the numbering to manage survey dates. However, Peak users typically favor using the Terrain State Manager to manage survey dates. 
  • To avoid issues when importing data into your CAD solution, give a single number to all the project items. You can use Multiple item renumbering to quickly make selected project items have the same number. 

Tips and Tricks

  • It is possible to turn off numbering. If you don't want newly created items to include a number, simply deselect the checkbox next to the Next Number box in the Structure group.

  • Virtual Surveyor allows duplicates numbers.