Navigating around in the Viewport can be done with the mouse and/or the keyboard. This article explains the different navigation modes and the buttons that allow you to control the navigation.


You have several options to navigate around:

Zoom in/outYESYES
Move up/downXYES


Panning can be done with your mouse and/or keyboard

  • With the mouse
    • Press and hold left-click and move your mouse in any direction. The terrain will follow your mouse cursor. 
    • Release the left button to stop panning.
  • With the keyboard
    • Use the arrow keys (up, down, left, right) to pan around the Viewport.

Zoom in/out

Zoom in/out can be done with your mouse and/or keyboard.

  • With the mouse
    • Scroll the mouse wheel.
    • Scroll forward to zoom in. You zoom to the position of your mouse cursor.
    • Scroll backward to zoom out.
  • With the keyboard
    • Press + to zoom in. You zoom to the center of the screen.
    • Press to zoom out.

Move up/down

Move up or down can be done with the keyboard

  • With the keyboard
    • Click Ctrl + to move down
    • Click Ctrl - to move up


Rotating can be done with your mouse and/or keyboard.

  • With the mouse
    • You need to click the scroll wheel.
    • Move your mouse forward or backward to change the view angle (tilt).
    • Move your mouse left or right to change the direction towards north (azimuth).
    • You don’t have a scroll wheel? Click R instead.
  • With the keyboard
    • Hold Shift and press the up or down arrow keys to change the view angle (tilt)
    • Hold Shift and press the left or right arrow keys to change the direction towards north (azimuth)

Tips & Tricks

  • Combine mouse and keyboard techniques to navigate.
    • Press the R key with one hand and move around with your mouse. In this way you don’t need to do two operations with one hand.
  • Clicking your mouse wheel doesn’t work? 
    • Open your mouse configuration utility and set the setting to the Wheel / Middle Click function.

You Can Only View in 2D?

  • If you can only see your data in 2D and tried everything in this article, then have a look at the View Mode settings in the VIEW tab. Make sure that the “3D” mode is enabled by clicking on the icon.