Volumes need to be recalculated after you make a modification to the Elevation Terrain. The Recalculate Volume tool allows you to simultaneously update multiple Stockpile and/or Cut/Fill items in one click. You can find the Recalculate Volume button in the TOOLS tab for a Stockpile or Cut/Fill item, when a recalculation is required.

TOOLS Tab for Cut/Fill

TOOLS Tab for Stockpile

Quick Usage Guide

  1. Select all Stockpile and/or Cut/Fill items that need to be recalculated. 
    1. You can select them through the Viewport or through the Project View
  2. Go to the TOOLS tab.
  3. Click Recalculate Volume in the Volumes group.
  4. The volume values are updated and available in the volume box.

Hints! It's possible to select multiple items by holding Ctrl on your keyboard and clicking on the items one by one. You can also select a range of items by holding Shift on the keyboard.

Where to Use the Recalculate Volume Tool

  • After stockpile volume calculations, you figure out that the terrain requires some more cleaning (machines removal, conveyors removal, etc.). 
    • You can use the Replace Terrain tool to cleanup your Elevation Terrain, but your volume items values do not automatically update. 
    • Any values that have not updated are displayed in red within the volume box. 
    • Simply use the Recalculate Volume tool to update the Stockpile volumes after the terrain update.

  • You can also use the Recalculate Volume tool to update Cut/fill maps calculations after the reference has been changed to another terrain state or design surface

Tips and Tricks

  • The Recalculate Volume icon is not displayed by default within the TOOLS tab. 
    • This specific icon will only appear if you have selected at least one volume item that requires a calculation update.
  • The Recalculate Volume tool can be used on Stockpile items and Cut/Fill items at the same time.
  • It is also possible to Recalculate Volume directly from the Volume box for a specific Stockpile or Cut/Fillitem. 
    • If the Elevation Terrain has been modified at the volume item location, a recycle icon will appear in this box. 
    • By clicking on this icon you can launch the process.