In the main view you actually work with your drone data and create your drone surveys and cut/fill maps. The main view consists of 8 components:

  • Viewport
  • Ribbon
  • Project view
  • Add data control
  • Volume box
  • Information box
  • Status menu
  • Quick Access Toolbar


The viewport is the most important component of the Virtual Surveyor software. The viewport is the place where you can see, create and explore your drone and survey data in three dimensions. You typically navigate through the viewport with your mouse or keyboard.


The ribbon is the menu at the top of the application that gives you access to the all the operations you can do in the your Virtual Surveyor project. The ribbon is organized through a series of logically organized tabs.

HOMEThe main tab that contains the most commonly used functions like drawing and gridding.
EXPORTAllows you to export your survey data, terrains and cut/fill maps to other data formats.
ANALYSISFunctions that help you understand your data such as the slope steepness lens.
NAVIGATIONFunctions that help you find your way in your viewport like the home button.
TOOLSAppears only when a project item is selected and exposes a series of operations you can do to the selected project item(s). The TOOLS tab only exposes functions that are relevant to the selection and the appearance is different depending on the selected item type.

The appearance of the tabs is different for Peak, Mountain and Valley versions.

The FILE button gives you access to the backstage view which contains the commands to create a new, open an existing and save a project.

Project view

The project view is available in the left side of the application. The project view gives you access to all your project data even when they are not visible in the viewport. The project view contains a project item for each piece of information and organizes the project items through layers.

Right mouse click in the project view gives you access to several contextual menus which allow you to create and manage layers and project items

Add data control

The add data control is also available on the left side of the application and appears under the project view. The add data control allows you to add drone and CAD data to your project. You can click choose files or drag-and-drop data in the entire left container of the main view. 

Volume box

The volume box is only visible when a volume item is selected and appears under the the Add data control. The volume box contains information about the reference and outcome of the volume calculation (cut, fill and net volume). You can click on the copy icon to copy the information to the clipboard.

Information box

The information box is only visible when a project item is selected. It appears under the volume box (if visible) and contains basic information about the selected project item like the point coordinate, elevation and descriptor. Other properties are displayed depending on the selected project item.

Status bar

The status bar is the horizontal ochre menu at the bottom of the application view. The status bar displays some information about your project like the coordinate system and the corresponding coordinate of the mouse cursor. It also allows you to change the project coordinate system.

Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar is a configurable toolbar at the very top of the application that shortcuts to some important functions of the application like Undo and Save. All the Quick Access Toolbar function are available as shortcuts as well.