Dropbox integration in Virtual Surveyor allows you to easily share your project externally. But this integration goes further than this in terms of collaborative work. If you work with a team Dropbox account, some or all of your colleagues may have access to your projects without the need to share anything with them. 

This article presents the use cases when it's worth sharing and when it's not. 

Team Dropbox

When your company has a team Dropbox account, sharing is not always appropriate. A team Dropbox is divided into personal and team spaces. If the project is saved on a team space, there is no reason to share it with your colleagues that already have access to this team space. The sharing window shows who in your company has access to the project. The example illustration below shows that everyone has access.

If you want to collaborate on a project with a person external to your company, you need to share that project externally using the Share with Dropbox button.  

Personal Dropbox 

In the case you use a personal Dropbox account, you are the only person to have access to your projects. To enable collaboration on projects, you need to share each project you want to collaborate on. Sharing can be done quickly and easily through the Virtual Surveyor interface using the Share with Dropbox button.