Add labels to the contour lines to specify their elevations. It reinforces the quality of your survey map and makes it easier to understand.

This article shows a workflow on how to add labels to the contour lines using point annotation in Virtual Surveyor.


Display Contours on the Surface and Hide the TIN

In the Project View, enable the surface TIN you want to add labels to. 

  • Select your surface TIN and go to the TOOLS tab and click Show Contours
    • To make Points snap to the contours easier, it is best to hide the TIN and turn off all other survey items. 

Draw Points on the Contours to Add Labels

  • Use the Point tool available in the Home Tabto place points on the contours where you want to add labels. 
    • Turn on the Geometry Snapping feature to place the points exactly where you want on the contour lines. 

Hint: Create a new layer dedicated to labels, this makes it easier to find and select all labels with one click and edit, rename, or quickly identify which labels you need to focus on.

Edit Point Z Label Annotations

  • Select all the Points and go to the TOOLS tab
  • In the Annotate group, turn the Z label on. 
    • This makes the Z labels visible next to the contour line. 
  • You can edit the size and the color of the labels in the Annotate group. 
    • As the point symbols are not relevant in this situation, you can minimize the size of the points in the Styling group to make them less visible on the map. 

Tips and Tricks

  • Only the contours coming from a created surface TIN can be labeled. It is not possible to add labels to contours that are displayed using the Contours Terrain Lens.
  • Use the 2D View Mode to make your contour map look cleaner.