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You have calculated stockpile volumes or a volume difference between 2 drone surveys and now you want to export this information in order to create a volume report

This article explains 3 methods to export your volume information in another format.

  • Export all volumes to a .csv file for stockpiles
  • Export all volumes to a .shp file for stockpiles + create another map
  • Copy each volume calculation to the clipboard for volume difference in earthworks


Exporting volumes as .csv file

  • Check the volume items in the project view that you want to export.

  • Go to EXPORT tab
  • Click Export Survey in the Export group
  • Select Export Volumes to .csv

  • Select the name and the location for your text file, for example volumes.csv.

  • Click Save.

  • Once completed you can open the file with the volume information in Notepad, Excel etc.

Tip: In order to work fast, you can select all items in your project. Items that don't contain a volume calculation will not be exported and will not affect your export.

Export volumes to a .shp file

Hint: Use this procedure if you want to create a map with volume annotations in a software like QGIS.

  • This process works the same as Export Volume to .csv
  • But choose Export Survey to .shp instead.

  • This will export the outline of the pile with the volume information in the attribute table.

Copy each volume calculation to the clipboard

Hint: Use this procedure if you have only one or a few volumes that you need to export. Typically, this would be a volume difference for your earthworks project.

  • Select the volume item (only one) which you want to export.
  • The volume information will be displayed in the Volume Info box located in the lower left corner of your screen.

  • Click on the clipboard iconin the top right corner of the Volume Information box.
  • The volume information is copied to the clipboard.
  • You can paste (Ctrl+V) the information in a text editor.

  • You can repeat the same steps for each surface for which you want to export the volume.