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You have calculated volumes and now you want to export this information in order to create a volume report

This article explains 2 methods to get your volume information in another format.

  1. Export all volumes at once as a .csv file.
  2. Copy each volume calculation to the clipboard.


Exporting volumes as .csv file

  1. Check the surfaces (can be multiple) for which you want to export the volumes (also see the Hint below)

  2. Go to Home tab
  3. Click Export Survey in the Export group
  4. Select Export Volumes to .csv

  5. Select the name and the location for your text file, for example volumes.csv.
  6. Click Save. 
  7. Once completed you can open the file with the volume information in Notepad, Excel etc.

Hint: In order to work fast, you can select all items in your project. Items that don't contain a volume calculation will not be exported and will not affect your export.

Copy each volume calculation to the clipboard

  1. Select the surface (only one) for which you want to export the volume.
  2. The volume information will be displayed in the Volume Info box located in the lower left corner of your screen. 

  3. Click on the clipboard icon  (the top right corner of the Volume Information box). 
  4. The volume information is copied to the clipboard 
  5. It can be pasted (Ctrl+V) in a text editor

  6. You can repeat the same steps for each surface for which you want to export the volume.