You can seamlessly generate a detailed stockpile PDF report which includes volume, tonnage and monetary value. You can configure the report depending on the project requirements. Using a PDF format allows you to easily share your analysis with your customers.

Quick Guide

  1. Enable the stockpile items.
  2. Go to the EXPORT tab.
  3. Click on PDF Report.
  4. Specify a file name and storage location and click Save.
  5. The PDF file is created and automatically opened. 


You can set up the content of the stockpile report depending on your preferences and the purpose of that report. The report will always contain the overview of the site. You can then decide if you want to drop the following sections: Material Table, Pile Table and Pile Details.

Material Table

For each material, this table gives the total quantities over the entire site.

Density and Value per ton are defined by the user through the Material Editor.

Pile Table

This table gives the volume, tonnage and value for each stockpile.

Pile Details

Each stockpile has a specific section in the report which contains a 2D view of the pile and an complete pile feature table.

Table elementDescription
ReferenceStockpile reference surface. It can be:
- The elevation of a flat surface.
- The name of the reference terrain state.
- "Surface" that refers to the interpolated boundary.
MaterialType of material which constitutes the stockpile. Only available if a material type defined in the Material Editor has been assigned to the stockpile.
VolumeNet volume of the stockpile
DensityTonnage by volume unit associated to the material.
TonnageMass of the stockpile. Only available if a density value is filled in the Material Editor
Value per tonMonetary value per ton associated to the material.
ValueMonetary value of the stockpile. Only available if a value per ton is filled in the Material Editor. 
2D areaHorizontal area covered by the stockpile.
Height Vertical distance between the highest point of the stockpile and the reference surface.

Tips and tricks

  • You can add your company logo to the stockpile PDF report. Add your company logo in the application settings and it will be automatically displayed on your reports.
  • The stockpile PDF report contains tonnage and value only if a material has been assigned to the stockpile and if the material density and value per ton have been set in the Material Editor.
  • In the Pile table, the stockpiles are listed by material. It is not possible to change the stockpiles order.