After completing your TIN surface work with Virtual Surveyor, use Export Survey feature to export the contour lines as a lightweight CAD or GIS file. 

Export Survey is available in the EXPORT tab.

Quick guide

Hint! Your current active items (what you see) sets what will export (what you get). Therefore, you can export contour lines only when you have set your surface to be displayed as contours.

  1. Select the surface and go to the SELECTION - TOOLS tab.
  2. In the Styling group, click on Show Contours.

  3. Turn all the survey items but your surface off in the project view.

  4. Go to the EXPORT tab.
  5. In the Survey group, select the export format (.dxf, .xml or .shp).
  6. Click on Export Survey.
  7. Specify a filename and a disk location and then click Save.

Tips and tricks

  • Only the contours coming from a surface item can be exported. It's not possible to export contours displayed using the Contours Terrain Lens.
  • All the project items which are visible in the viewport will be exported. If you only want to export the contours,  you need to turn off all other survey items (points, lines, boundaries, etc. ). 
  • The terrains may remain active because they are not exported when using Export Survey.
  • Click Turn All Off and re-enable the check box for your surface to quickly display the surface only.
  • The exported files (.dxf, .xml or .shp) contain 3D polyline geometries.

Notes for shapefile

  • Multiple files are created when you export your contours to a shapefile.
  • The file with the contours is appended with "contourlines". Example: 
    • When the filename was set to "survey" or "survey.shp", 
    • then your contour lines can be found as "survey_contourlines.shp"
  • The attribute table contains a column with the elevation attribute for each contour line.