The Analysis tab provides tools for performing measurements, along with functions to quickly change the way you visualize the data displayed in the Viewport

Measure group

SlopeProvides Slope measurements and a Slope item by left-mouse clicking at the start and end of slope to be measured.
DistanceProvides Distance measurements and a Distance item by left-mouse clicking at the start and end of distance to be measured.
HeightProvides a Height measurement and a Height item by left-mouse clicking the top and bottom of the height to be measured.

Terrain Lenses group

TransparentTurn on / off the Transparent lens. Allows viewing of Project Items that may be beneath the Elevation Terrain, or hard to see due to surface features (such as trees).
Slope Steepness Turn on / off the Slope Steepness lens. There are 2 types (Palette) of Slope Steepness lens to choose from. The first palette will color all of your terrain and slopes over the Palette color ramp, with lower slopes displayed from light blue, and higher slopes as bright red.

The second palette allows you to display only slopes exceeding an input threshold limit, displaying them as red. This is a Mountain / Peak feature.
PaletteAllows you to choose between different options of displaying a Terrain Lens.
ThresholdOnly available for use when the second palette for Slope Steepness is selected. The threshold allows you to the percentage at which slopes will be shown or not. Any slopes higher than the Threshold will be shown in the Viewport as Red.
Slope DirectionTurn on / off the Slope Direction lens. Yellow arrows are overlaid on the Surface Terrain to show the direction of slopes.
ElevationTurn on / of the Elevation lens. Data will be displayed on the selected color palette ramp according to the input min and max elevations. Any data lower than the Min or higher than the Max will not be recolored.
Min / MaxThe Min / Max allow you to set a range of elevation levels at which your Elevation lens will display it's color ramp by selected Palette. Setting an elevation value for the Min and checking the box will start the Elevation lens coloring at the set elevation, while the Max will set where the Elevation lens top range.
ContoursTurn on / off the Contours lens. Contours will display according to the set interval with major contours shown every 5 intervals.

Special note: the Contour lens contours are not suitable for exporting! If you want exportable contours you need to perform a survey which allows exportable contours.
IntervalSets the interval level at which your Contour lens will display contours.