When a Multi-point, or multiple Multi-point items are selected the SELECTION - TOOLS menu will be available. The SELECTION - TOOLS menu contains tools that allow you to edit, change styling, annotate, or perform advanced functions on your selected Multi-point(s). The menu dynamically adjust the tools available depending on your item selection, with additional tools available when selecting more than 1 Multi-point or a Multi-point and Point(s).

Individual Multi-point selection

Multiple Multi-point selection

Styling group

PointAllows you to change the Multi-point color.
ShapeAllows you to change the Multi-point shape.
SizeAllows you to change the Multi-point size.

Annotate group

NameMulti-point(s) containing Points Descriptor & Number displayed over the Multi-point(s) in the Viewport.
ElevationPoints within the Multi-point elevations are displayed in the Viewport above the point.
VolumeN/A (Only available for usage with Volume items).
LabelAllows you to change the Multi-point(s) Label color.
SizeAllows you to change the Multi-point(s) Label size.

Transform group

To TerrainSelected Multi-points will be draped to the underlying Elevation Terrain by changing their Z value to the same elevation as the Z level of the Elevation terrain at their XY location.
Merge PointsSelected Multi-points and Points will be merged into Multi-Point item.

Result: Multi-Point

Create group

Extract PointsSelected Multi-point(s) will have their containing points duplicated and added to Virtual Surveyor as individual Point items.