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Valley Ridge Peak

The Clip Inside tool is a TIN Surface modification tool. When you triangulate your survey items to create a surface you might be interested in removing a particular area from the surface it. Virtual Surveyor allows you to remove well defined area from a created surface by clipping triangle edges within a Boundary item, leaving the area without a survey surface TIN or contours.

The Clip Inside button appears in the SELECTION TOOLS tab and works only if both a surface AND a boundary are selected. 

Quick Guide

  1. Select the surface AND the boundary (hold Ctrl on your keyboard when clicking the items).
  2. Go to the SELECTION TOOLS tab.
  3. Click on Clip Inside button.
  4. Triangles inside the boundary are removed from the surface. The surface item is adjusted to fit with the boundary.


  • Use the Clip Inside tool when you have areas of your created surface that you do not want to be incorporated into the final surface. Examples of this include housing or building outlines, or water bodies. This will stop contour lines from crossing over the removed areas.

Tips and Tricks

  • The boundary vertices are incorporated in the surface item. Pay attention to their Z values.
  • It possible to clip multiple boundaries inside a surface at the same time by selecting all the boundaries with the surface. But it's not possible to run Clip Inside tool on two separate surfaces at the same time. 
  • If the area to remove is small and contains only a few triangles, you can use the Remove Triangles feature to quickly delete these unwanted triangles.