Stockpiles can overlap and make base line drawing difficult. The Interpolate Z feature available in the Edit Vertex mode helps you to bury boundaries under overlapping stockpiles. In the end, you will get a better reference surface for the stockpile volume calculation.


  1. Draw and select the stockpile boundary.
  2. Enable Edit Vertex.
  3. Interpolate the boundary where needed.

Stockpile boundary

Use the drawing tools available in the HOME tab to draw the boundary around the stockpile. In the area where stockpiles overlap, draw the boundary on the break where the two piles touch.

Bury part of the base line

Select the stockpile boundary to get access to the TOOLS tab. Enable Edit Vertex feature and set Interpolate Z as Edit Vertex Mode. Click on the first vertex of the section to bury and then on the last vertex of this section. The range of vertices will be interpolated and the section of the polyline will be buried under the stockpile. 

The boundary can now be used to create a reference surface for volume calculation.