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Valley Ridge Peak

Virtual Surveyor empowers collaborative work by helping you avoid editing conflicts. No matter what shared storing space you are using, when the project is open on another device by one of your colleagues or partners, you cannot edit the project but you can still access the project in View Only mode.

Although you cannot edit the project in view only mode (interface is partially disabled), it's still possible to work with the project. A message in the title bar informs you that you have opened the project in view only mode.

Available features in View Only Mode

In the view only mode, you can access the ANALYSIS tab and use measure tools and terrain lenses. But pay attention that the measurement items will not be saved.

You can also use the project view to enable or disable project items. But you cannot manage layers or to delete project item when the project is open in View Only mode. However, you can switch from a terrain state to another if the project contains multiple terrain states. 

The VIEW tab icons are usable in View Only mode. You can still switch between 2D and 3D view and use Position and Flights features. But it's not possible to create a new position for Fly Throughs and use the Material Editor. 

Tips & tricks

  • If your company has a team Dropbox account or any other collaborative storing spaces, multiple people can access and open the same project at the same time. Virtual Surveyor makes sure that only one person is able to edit the project at a time. If the project is currently used by one of your colleagues, the title bar displays the mention "View Only: Locked by ..." and you cannot access edit features. The name included in the message is the person that has the project open. Get in touch with that person to

  • You will not get out of the View Only mode instantly when a colleagues closes the project you both have open. You will need to close and open the project again to access edit mode.