When a Cut/Fill item is selected the SELECTION - TOOLS menu will be available. The SELECTION - TOOLS menu contains tools that allow you to annotate, change the styling, or perform advanced functions on the selected Cut/Fill item(s). The menu dynamically adjust the tools available depending on your item selection.

Cut/Fill selection

Annotate group

NameCut/Fill Descriptor & Number displayed over the Cut/Fill in the Viewport.
VolumeDisplays the calculated net volume amount over the Cut/Fill item in the Viewport. Volume will be displayed in project units³.
-Cut/FillDisplays a grid of values with cut and/or fill amount at that location over the whole Cut/Fill item in the Viewport. The grid size is defined by the value entered in the Spacing box. Values will be displayed in the project units.
LabelAllows you to change the Cut/Fill Label color.
SizeAllows you to change the Cut/Fill Label size.
-SpacingAllows you to change the density of the Cut/Fill annotation labeling.

Transparency group

TransparencyApplies a transparency filter to your Cut/Fill colors. This allows you to set how well you can see through the colored area of the Cut/Fill, allowing you to see both the Cut/Fill colors, underlying Image, and Surface Terrain.

Cut/Fill Map group

ColorsAllows you to set the color scheme to display your Cut/Fill information. Two color schemes are available to be picked, a simple red or blue, and a color ramp blue to red. Colors display visually where there are Cut & Fill areas. Blue / neon blue areas represent Fill areas, while red / yellow to red represent Cut areas in the Viewport.
Min. Cut/FillMinimum Cut/Fill applies a threshold to both the Cut and Fill that does not apply color to values under your threshold. For instance, a Volume area with a 2ft Min Cut/Fill will only show color on areas with Cuts above 2ft, and Fills below -2ft. Anything in between will have no color applied, and will display as normal.
Stretch toStretch to allows you to set a threshold for the top and bottom value of the color ramp. Any values above or below the set threshold will then display their color as the maximum of the color ramp.

For example if your maximum cut value is 25 feet due to some outliers such as vegetation or noise in your data, most of your relevant data might have a max Cut & Fill of 10 ft only, and will be either yellow or neon blue (the inner colors of the color ramp), with no dark red or blue (the outer ends) being shown. Adjusting the Stretch to value to 10ft would then color any Cuts above 10ft to the maximum color (red), and any Fills below -10ft to the maximum color (dark blue).
RefreshRecalculates your Cut & Fill calculations based on any changes made to the Surface Terrain such as Replace Terrain, Remove Object, Modify Terrain or Offset Within.

Create group

Extract Boundary 

Creates a Boundary item along the outside edge of your Cut/Fill item.

Result: Boundary
Extract SurfaceExtracts and creates a Surface item from your Cut/Fill item. Surface will be a representation of the surface being used to measure your cut/fill.

Result: Surface

Volumes group

Center of MassCreates a Point at the the center of mass for both the Cut and Fill. This point will be in 3D space and also have a descriptor applied as either Center of Fill or Center of Cut.

Result: Point
Extract Cut/Fill Area
Creates Cut/Fill items out of any selected cut or fill area allowing you to isolate areas of cut or fill.

Result: Cut/Fill