When a Multi-point or multiple Multi-point items are selected the SELECTION - TOOLS menu becomes available. The SELECTION - TOOLS menu contains tools that allow you to edit, change styling, annotate, or perform advanced functions on your selected Multi-point(s). The menu dynamically adjusts the tools available, depending on your item selection, with additional tools available when selecting a Multi-point item, multiple Multi-point items, or an individual Point item.

Multi-Point Selection

Multiple Multi-Point Selection

Individual Point Selection

Styling Group

PointAllows you to change the Multi-point color.
ShapeAllows you to change the Multi-point shape.
SizeAllows you to change the Multi-point size.

Annotate Group

NameMulti-point(s) Descriptor & Number displayed over each point in the Viewport.
XYDisplays the XY coordinates above each selected point, in the Viewport.
ZDisplays the Z coordinate above each selected point, in the Viewport.
LabelAllows you to change the Multi-point(s) Label color.
SizeAllows you to change the Multi-point(s) Label size.

Edit Group

Edit VertexEnables you to edit a selected Point and displays the Edit Vertex Mode box where you can select editing options and change the X,Y,Z coordinates of the selected Point.

Transform Group

To TerrainShifts all the points in a selected Multi-point item to match the Z height of the active Elevation Terrain, respective to each point's XY coordinates.
Merge PointsMerges all selected Multi-point items and Point items into a single Multi-Point item in the Project View.

Result: Multi-Point

Create Group

Extract PointsRemoves all points from the selected Multi-point item and reuses them as individual Point items in the Project View.

Result: Point(s)