Clip Inside is a surface item modification tool. You might be interested in removing a specific area from a surface. Virtual Surveyor allows you to do this by clipping triangles within a selected boundary. It creates a hole in the surface item so no contour is generated within the clipped boundary.

The Clip Inside button appears in the TOOLS for Surface tab and works only if both a surface and a boundary are selected. 

Quick Usage Guide

  1. Select both the surface and the boundary (hold Ctrl on your keyboard when clicking the items).
  2. Go to the SELECTION TOOLS tab.
  3. Click Clip Inside.
  4. The triangles inside the boundary are removed from the surface. 
    1. The triangles crossed by the boundary are cut out to fit within the boundary.

Where to Use the Clip Inside Tool

  • Use Clip Inside to create holes in the surface item and avoid drawing contours within building or water bodies.

Tips and Tricks

  • The elevation of the clipped surface is exactly the same as the elevation of the original surface. 
    • The elevations of the boundary vertices are not incorporated in the surface item.
  • After clipping, the internal part of the original surface is deleted.
  • It is possible to clip the inside of multiple boundaries within a surface at the same time by selecting the surface along with all the boundaries.