Stockpiles can overlap, making the baseline drawing difficult. Virtual Surveyor has an Interpolate Z feature available in the Edit Vertex mode of the SELECTION TOOLS tab that enables you to lower boundaries under overlapping stockpile areas. As a result, you create a better reference surface to calculate your stockpile volume calculations.


Draw and Select the Stockpile Boundary

Use the Drawing Tools available in the HOME tab to draw the boundary around the stockpile

  1. In between the area where stockpiles overlap, draw the boundary on the intersection where the two piles meet.
  2. Finish your boundary around the stockpile.
    1. Peak users can use the Guided Breakline Tool to speed up this process.

Lower Part of the Baseline

  1. Select the stockpile boundary to access the TOOLS for Boundary tab
  2. Enable the Edit Vertex feature and set Interpolate Z as the Edit Vertex Mode. 
  3. Click on the first vertex of the section to bury (before the stockpiles touch), and then on the last vertex of the polyline section (at the other end of where the stockpiles touch). 

The range of vertices Z elevation is interpolated from these 2 points, and the section of the polyline is lowered under the stockpile to the assumed ground level. You can see the line under the stockpiles using the Transparant tool (Ctrl+t) found in the ANALYSIS Tab.

The boundary can now be used to create a more precise reference surface for a volume calculation.