Virtual Surveyor includes the Export Image tool which allows you to deliver your drone data analysis as a georeferenced image or export clipped image. Save the contents of a boundary as a GeoTIFF or a JPEG2000 file.

The Export Image tool is available in the EXPORT tab.


Quick Usage Guide

  1. Draw a boundary around the area you want to export.
  2. Enable/disable project items to get the view you want to export in the Viewport.
  3. Select the boundary.
  4. Go to the EXPORT tab.
  5. Set the image format in the box.
  6. Click on Export Image.
  7. Specify a filename and a disk location and click Save.

Where to Use an Exported Image

  • Export your analysis result as an image and use it in a CAD or GIS software.  

  • You can also use the Export Image feature to cut out a specific area from a very large orthophoto or from a mosaic. The clipped image can be shared with partners or used to create a new Virtual Surveyor project that will run faster. 

Tips & Tricks

  • You can combine Export Image with Export Elevation on the same area to generate a new, lighter dataset. 
  • Virtual Surveyor GeoTIFF files can easily be opened by GIS software. If you plan to use the image in a CAD software, prefer Jpeg2000.