Applicable plans
Valley Ridge Peak

Thanks to Export Elevation you can clip and export a part of the elevation terrain of your drone data. The exported DEM is a GeoTIFF. After Virtual Surveyor terrain modification treatments, you can use that Export Elevation feature to run the cleaned elevation terrain in GIS software. 

The Export Elevation tool is available in the EXPORT tab.

Quick guide

  1. Draw a boundary around the export area.
  2. Eventually enable/disable terrain modifiers  to get the cleaned elevation terrain.
  3. Select the boundary.
  4. Go to the EXPORT tab.
  5. Click on Export Elevation.
  6. Specify a filename and a disk location and then click Save.


  • After using some terrain modification workflows like Remove Object, Replace Terrain, Modify Terrain or remove vegetation, use the Export Elevation feature to go further with GIS software.

  • Use the Export Elevation feature to extract a specific area from a very large DEM. It will then be easier to transfer that new dataset to another user. You can also use that smaller DEM to create a new Virtual Surveyor project which will run faster.

Tips & tricks

  • Export both the elevation and the image from the same area to generate a 3D textured dataset.