Applicable plans
Valley Ridge Peak

After cleaning up your drone data with Virtual Surveyor, the Export Elevation tool allows you to deliver a part of the elevation terrain as a new DEM. 

The Export Elevation tool is available in the EXPORT tab.

Quick guide

  1. Draw a boundary around the area you want to export.
  2. Select the boundary.
  3. Go to the EXPORT tab.
  4. Click on Export Elevation.
  5. Specify a filename and a disk location and then click Save.

Hint: Enable terrain modifiers to export the cleaned up elevation terrain. 


  • You can also use the Export Elevation feature to cut out a specific area from a very large DEM. The clipped elevation terrain can be shared with colleagues and customers or used to create a new Virtual Surveyor project which will run faster.

Tips & tricks

  • You can combine Export Elevation with Export Image on the same area to generate a new, lighter dataset. 
  • The exported DEM is a GeoTIFF.